Triple H Specialty Company is a privately owned corporation that was founded in 1972 in Hazlehurst, Georgia.

Current locations include:

  • Hazlehurst, Georgia
  • Valdosta, Georgia
  • Pelham, Georgia
  • Andalusia, Alabama – Industrial Belting Division

The name ‘Specialty’ was chosen because of the intent to distribute a broad line of products including electrical, power transmission, mechanical, and textile supplies to industrial users in our trade area. As we have grown in size and our understanding of our customers, ‘Specialty’ continues to well define our company.

We have sought out and become distributors for a broad range of electrical and control automation manufacturers who are on the cutting edge of technology. We have expanded into the design, construction, and support of control systems and drive systems and have installed such systems in various textile, paper, and converting industries.

We also offer field service and printed circuit board repair for various products.

It is our intent to continue to grow and be a leader in automation systems and integrated supply solutions. We are making large investments in the computer information management area to ensure effective maintaining and tracking of inventory as well as the ability to offer our customers the latest in EDI capabilities. Triple H Specialty Company is committed to providing ongoing training to our sales and support personnel to ensure their ability to meet the technical needs of our customers and to provide such training for the customers if desired.

Because we are privately owned, we can be flexible in meeting your needs. We can focus on your requirements and make decisions in a timely manner. We use our experience to ensure that all aspects of distribution and system integration are available to our customers. We take pride in our ability to provide the products and services that enable our customers to focus on their primary business. From distributing industrial components to developing turn-key automation systems, Triple H Specialty is available to answer and support your industrial and automation needs.